FAQ - About our ingredients


What gluten free flours do you use?

We use organic rice, coconut, tapioca, millet and gluten free oat flours.


Is LoveMe Cakes fully vegan? 

Our baked goods are 100% vegan!


Do you care about health?

We don’t use wheat flours, sugar, animal or synthetic products. Instead we use only organic, nutritious and plant based ingredients that are healthy, easy to digest, good for you and the planet. 


What kinds of dairy substitutions do you bake with?

We use rice, coconut or almond milk. 

Do you use eggs? 

No we don’t use any eggs, since we are 100% vegan.


What kind of sweeteners do you use?

We use organic agave nectar (a sweetener derived from cactus). Although Agave Nectar syrup is known to be a healthful, low glycemic alternative for some with diabetes, it is not safe for everyone. Each sugar conscious customer should consult her physician to determine whether she should enjoy our baked goods. 


What kind of fats do you use?

We use cold pressed coconut oil. We just love it. It’s high in immunity-enhancing lauric acid, boosts metabolism and combats heart disease and diabetes. Can it get any better than that?


Is there soy in your products?

We understand that many people are either allergic to or don’t enjoy soy products, which is why we don’t bake with any soy. That said, our topping does contain a little bit of organic GMO-free soy yoghurt to make it creamy. Some of our suppliers do package soy on the same equipment as the gluten free flours. They do, however, power wash the machinery between runs to minimize the potential for cross-contamination. 


Are LoveMe Cakes products nut free?

We cannot claim to be nut free because we bake with coconut oil and our supplier’s gluten free flours are packaged on the same equipment as hazelnut and almond flours. They do, however, power wash the machinery between runs to minimize the potential for cross-contamination. In some of our baked goods we do use almond flour. Our Superfood Muffin, some other muffins and scones contain almond flour. 


Is there corn in your products?

There is corn in all of our products as we use organic GMO free cornstarch. We use this to keep it all together, since we love taking a bite and not spill it on our clothes . 


Which products do not contain rice?

This is a tricky one as rice is such a great substitute for wheat and it brings texture. Unfortunately, we are unable to replace it to this day, as we have not found a good alternative for it.