About LoveMe Cakes


LoveMe Cakes - the cakes that love you!


In a world filled with baked treats that are full of processed sugar, flour, chemicals and heavy butter, it’s easy for those with healthy, lighter and fun loving diets to feel choices are very limited.


LoveMe Cakes offers exciting all-natural, organic, wholesome and delicious alternatives free from common heavy ingredients: sugar, wheat, gluten, lactose, dairy, casein and eggs.


So for those choosing a conscious healthy diet and for those with the common allergies, you can rejoice and indulge all guilt free in our baked goods.


None of our products contain any GMOs, artificial flavorings or preservatives. We use flour blends that are high in whole grains (brown rice, millet, coconut) and utilize a vast selections of ancient grains. Our special flour blends give our baked treats a unique flavor and extraordinary texture.


White sugar or toxic chemical sweeteners will never be found in our baking. Instead, our products are sweetened with agave nectar; natural syrup from a cactus that is low on the glycemic index and is often a safe alternative to most non-insulin dependent diabetics.


We believe in using only organic plant based ingredients and by baking and eating with love, you and our planet stay healthy. Eating healthy never tasted so good!



Founder LoveMe Cakes ™