Be healthy and stay sexy with LoveMe Cakes!


"The Superfood Muffin contains only healthy ingredients, is amazingly nutritious and soooo scrumptious."

What's in it?

The Superfoods:

Goji berries, cranberries, raisins, flaxseed, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut fiber & almonds.


The Sweetness:

Agave syrup, raisins & cranberries


The Taste:

Magical! It has the right sweetness, it’s easy to digest, satisfying and deliciously loving.

Why so beneficial?


The Superfood Muffins, like all our muffins, are made from fresh, organic and...

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How do we like it?


We absolutely love to have the Superfood Muffin with our morning coffee or tea! 

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Where to buy?


The Superfood Muffin is available in several Bagels & Beans locations, to find our where click HERE.